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We are SHAVE SECRET Europe, SHAVE SECRET'S UK based exclusive European partner. After being fans of shave oil for years we stumbled across SHAVE SECRET on a visit to the USA and became big fans very quickly.  So we're not just your source of this awesome shave oil in Europe we're also their biggest fans!


If you're interested in stocking Shave Secret then get in touch now. We're always happy to talk to future fans. If you're organising a running or cycling event we can supply lots of SHAVE SECRET samples for your entrants to enjoy...  we're always looking for ways to find new fans!

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The SHAVE SECRET story...

The history of SHAVE SECRET goes back to the early 1990s when the company 'USA Kings Crossing' was founded to disribute shave oil, primarily to the health retail industry.  It's first exclusive blend of shave oil appeared in the mid 1990's ending endless experiments, most of which ended in providing a good shave, with finally a GREAT one.


In 1997 a new blend, even better than the first, was created and the SHAVE SECRET brand was founded. Introduced into stores that year it's now sold in over 3,500 Wal-Mart stores across the USA.

This is the short version...  there's a long version and you would need to come around with some cold ones & we'd light the BBQ to make the most of it.

The Europeans...

We're proud that SHAVE SECRET continues to be hand blended deep in the heart of Texas. Production is carried out at a vocational training and job placement agency for adults with intellectual developmental disabilities, located in San Antonio, Texas. The team there are empowered to achieve their maximum potential for independence and productivity in the workplace, and in the community, through specialised programs.


Today, the production of SHAVE SECRET employs 40 people in San Antonio, Texas in the same workshop environment and the brand remains owned & operated by its founder.